Winter ELSA Law School

ELSA Prague

ELSA Prague is happy to welcome you on the website of its Winter ELSA Law School which will be held from 17th to 24th of February 2019. Here you can find all of the useful information about the law school!


Academic Programme

The academic programme is going to be focused on security law from many different aspects. We are going to discuss law regulation of security in general and law of cyber and conventional conflicts, which are ongoing these days around the world. Academic programme is also going to be focused on the future of cyber technology, its ethical issues and its law regulations.


Prague – the city in the heart of Europe will definitely catch your heart too. According to the legend Prague was founded in the Early Middle Ages and thanks to many years of its development nowadays it is like an architecture textbook (proven by UNESCO!).

Many statistics say that Prague is one the most beautiful cities in the world. Are you asking what makes Prague so beautiful? Maybe it is the hundred spires or the mysterious historical lanes. Also it may be the gorgeous Prague castle which is the largest castle complex in the world. Or isn’t it the fascinating view of red roofs or the bridges across the Vltava river? Some would say that it is the Czech beer – the tastiest beer in the world. You know what? You should come and discover it yourself!


The accomodation will be provided in Hotel Adeba*** located in the city centre of Prague. Our guests will be accomodated in triple bedrooms with bathroom, toilet and TV.

Lectures and workshops will be held at Charles University, Faculty of Law which is only about 8 minutes by bus from the hotel and it is located directly in the heart of Prague just under the Prague Castle, near all the historical sights.

Breakfasts will be provided in the hotel, lunches around the faculty and dinners every day at different places depending on the social programme venue.


Thanks to its amazing location in the centre of Europe it’s very easy to get to Prague. You can choose from many means of transport. There is an airport on the edge of the city with many different airlines flying to the capital of the Czech Republic. You can also go by bus or train – both the central bus station Florenc and the main railway station are situated just in the city centre and close to the hotel.

After arrival you will receive a ticket for the public transport which can be used for the whole duration of the law school.

Favoured countries

The favoured countries are: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine. All other countries are considered to be non-favoured. Being a member of an ELSA group located in a favoured country determines your participation fee, not the nationality of the applicant.

Basic feeGala receptionTransfer
ELSA member from favoured country 315 € 35 € 30 €
ELSA member from non-favoured country 350 € 35 € 30 €
ELSA Alumni 400 € 35 € 30 €
ELSA non-member 400 € 35 € 30 €


In case of any questions please do not hesistate to contact us on e-mail

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Michael Glogr

TEAM COORDINATOR                         

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Barbora Sveykovská


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